North shocked by joint military exercise of US, South Korea, warned of dire consequences

After Russia-Ukraine, the global situation has changed completely. There is an old enmity between North and South Korea. Recently, America and South Korea conducted joint military exercises, in which South Korea involved more than 200 warplanes including its advanced F35 fighter jet. Kim Jo Un’s country did not like this and it was alleged that they are preparing for war against us.

North Korea's foreign ministry criticized the US for conducting joint military exercises with South Korea. He said that this exercise is going on for a possible attack. In response on Tuesday, he put a day till the warning of dire consequences. The US and South Korea conducted aerial exercises involving over 200 warplanes, including their advanced F35 fighter jets. Because they are preparing themselves for North Korea's increasing weapons testing and nuclear threat.

North Korea increased its arsenal of weapons

North Korea has pushed its weapons display to a record high this year. More than 40 ballistic missiles were launched in it. Including an intercontinental ballistic missile and an intermediate-range missile fired at Japan. The US and South Korea have resumed large-scale military exercises this year as part of efforts to build diplomatic space with Pyongyang and after reducing or suspending them in previous years because of the pandemic.

Exercise will continue till Friday

The United States and South Korea's "Vigilant Storm" air force exercises are to continue till Friday. South Korea has arrived after completing its annual 12-day "Hoguk" exercise. Officials say an unknown number of US soldiers are also involved in this. North Korea's new statement comes just days after the country fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea. In recent weeks, North Korea has fired hundreds of shells into the inter-Korean maritime buffer zone. Which was established by both Koreas in 2018 to reduce frontline military tensions. North Korea has said that the firing was in response to live fire exercises in the land border areas of South Korea.

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