New York: Found polio virus in drain water stirred up, emergency declared

A state of emergency has been declared in New York, USA, after the polio virus was found in drain water. This decision has been taken to increase the rate of vaccination as the polio vaccination rate is still very low in some parts of the state. According to the information, instructions have been given to give booster doses to health workers taking care of polio virus samples or polio patients. It is being told that this virus has been found in the drain water of Nassau County on Long Island.

Health commissioner Mary Bassett said, "We can't take any chances with polio. If you or your child has not been vaccinated or is not vaccinated up to date, then the risk of this paralytic disease is real." According to media reports, health officials had sent samples of dirty water from four counties in and around New York City for examination, in which the polio virus has been found in the report.

Was declared polio free in 1979

Health officials have also told that so far only one case of being infected with the polio virus has been reported in America, which has come to the fore in the country after almost a decade. Earlier in the year 1979, America was declared polio free. After the virus was found in dirty water, the health department has asked people not to take polio lightly. The department said New Yorkers who have already completed their polio vaccine should receive a lifetime booster after coming into close contact with a person suspected of being infected with the virus.

New York health officials announced on July 21 this year that there was a case of polio infection after 2013. This US citizen was not vaccinated. A polio-infected man from New York reportedly came in contact with a type of polio virus that is weakened and was used to make an anti-polio vaccine. But this type of vaccine has not been used in America since the year 2000. Health officials said that this virus affects male patients who have problems with muscle weakness and paralysis.

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