New Covid Variant: New corona variant ‘Omicron’ stirred up the world, Moderna said – preparing booster shots soon

Omicron Variant: There is panic in countries around the world after new variants of Corona surfaced in South Africa. Many countries have announced restrictions on travel. Here, the World Health Organization has warned the world about its danger, giving it the name Omicron. Here, US pharmaceutical company Moderna said on Friday that it would prepare a booster shot against the new corona variant Omicron. , which they are doing to deal with new threats, including increasing the production of existing vaccines. Moderna CEO Stephen Bansel said – Omicron, a new variant made by mutating Corona, has been a cause of concern for several days. We are trying to execute our strategy against this variant as soon as possible.

Based on the evidence, WHO’s Technical Advisory Group advised it to designate this variant as concern and WHO designated B.1.1529 as ‘Variant of Concern’. Additionally, under the Greek letter system "Omricron" Name also given.

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