New Covid Strain: Worldwide stir due to new variants of Kovid, WTO ministerial conference postponed in Geneva

New Covid Strain: The new variant of Kovid-19 has stirred the world. The World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial conference in Geneva has been postponed. The World Trade Organization says it has postponed its individual ministerial conference in Geneva over concerns about a particularly contagious outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The WTO ministerial conference was scheduled to take place next week but was postponed at the last minute amid panic over the Omicron variant.

WTO ministerial conference postponed

Many countries imposed travel restrictions

This conference is generally held every two years. More than 100 ministers were expected to arrive in Geneva. But Director-General Ngoji Okonjo Iwela believes travel restrictions will make it difficult for many delegates to come, which will not ensure equal participation. Let us tell you that Omicron has spread from South Africa to many countries. The new variant   has also been considered dangerous by the World Health Organization.

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