New Covid-19 Variant: Covid panic, ban on passengers entering Bangladesh from South Africa

Dhaka: Panic has gripped the world since the discovery of a new variant of the coronavirus in South Africa. In this situation no one from South Africa can come to Bangladesh. A ban was imposed in this regard. A statement from Bangladesh’s health ministry said, “In view of the current situation, we have imposed a travel ban from South Africa.” The World Health Organization (WHO) Advisory Committee has named a new corona variant B.1.1.529, the first coronavirus to emerge in South Africa. This omricron is a Greek word. As well as the World Health Organization & nbsp; & Nbsp;

Note that the Delta variant of the corona virus has previously been placed on a very & lsquo; rapidly transmitted anxiety list & rsquo ;. Its effects spread worldwide, and large numbers of people became infected. It spread faster than the first variant of the corona virus and made people sick faster. Such is the case with the new variant & lsquo; Omricron & rsquo; A meeting of the World Health Organization’s Technical Advisory Group on Virus Evolution (TAG-VE) was called on Friday. The meeting reviewed the new variant B.1.1.529 and its character. A spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement after the meeting that preliminary research had shown that the virus had mutated many times and that some of them were “worrying.” The variant should be marked as alarming. The World Health Organization has listed B.1.1529 as a variant of concern. As well as the Greek alphabet, this variant is named "Omricron".

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