New COVID-19 Variant: Corona new variant in South Africa .. Why revenge on the world!

Corona has introduced a new variant in South Africa. Scientists have discovered a new variant, according to AFP. South African scientists say the variant is thought to be responsible for the rise in new Kovid cases in the country. This variant, called B.1.1.529, is said to have a very large number of mutations. & Nbsp;

South Africa detects new # COVID19 variant, reports AFP News Agency quoting scientists.

& mdash; ANI (@ANI) November 25, 2021

Tension …

Scientists are concerned about the release of a new variant in South Africa. We are looking into the issues that may arise from this variant. Although information on this variant is limited, experts are working to understand the new variant.

Is it serious?

South African Health Minister Joe Fahla expressed concern. Already the daily corona cases in South Africa have increased significantly. As of Wednesday, more than 1,200 new cases were reported daily in South Africa. More than 29 lakh Kovid cases have been reported in South Africa so far, killing 89,000. & Nbsp;

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