New agreement in Sudan saved country from civil war: UN envoy

Cairo, Nov 26 (AP) A Sudanese agreement to restore a prime minister after a military coup remains incomplete, but the country has escaped civil war. The United Nations envoy for Sudan gave this information on Friday.

Envoy Volker Perth was referring to a deal between Sudan’s military leaders and Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, who was ousted and placed under house arrest after a coup last month, sparking an international outcry.

Sudan’s ousted prime minister signed a deal with the military on Sunday, calling for his reinstatement to the post. He was placed under house arrest after a military coup about a month ago. However, the country’s pro-democracy groups dismissed it as illegitimate.

Perth told the Associated Press, “Of course the agreement is not perfect, but it is better than not making a compromise and sticking to the path where the military will be the sole ruler in the end.” It would not be possible to exclude a scenario that would have brought Sudan closer to what we have seen in Yemen, Libya or Syria.

“Now we have a situation where we have at least one important step towards the restoration of constitutional order,” he said.

The people of Sudan took to the streets after the military occupation. According to activist groups, Sudanese security forces have cracked down on rallies and more than 40 protesters have been killed so far.


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