NASA’s rover saw a strange mysterious thing shining on Mars, scientists solved the mystery, know what it is

A NASA rover saw a strange mysterious thing shining on the planet Mars. This rover, searching for life on Mars, found a glowing material between two rocks. The information of which has been given from the Twitter account of the rover that went on NASA’s Mars Mission. Since then, the market for discussions about this incident is hot at the international level. Although the scientists of NASA have also solved the mystery of this strange mysterious shiny thing simultaneously. Under which scientists have clarified that the bright thing seen by the rover circling on Mars is related to Earth.

The bright thing on Mars is part of the blanket

Under NASA’s Mars mission, the rover, which is looking for life on Mars, during the exploration of the ground, has seen a bright object trapped between two rocks. For which two tweets have been made from the official Twitter account of NASA’s Mars rover. On behalf of the head of the mission involved in the rover, it was said that my team has seen something unexpected on Mars, which is a piece of a thermal blanket. He said that my team feels that it may have come with me.

Thermal blanket is used to control the temperature

NASA’s authorized Mars Raver has given information about the thermal blanket by tweeting from its official Twitter account. It has been said in the tweet that it is part of a thermal blanket that looks like a shiny foil. Which is used as a temperature controlling material.

how to get here

In fact, the SUV-sized rover has been on Mars since April 2021. Giving this information, it has been said on behalf of the rover that when the rover would have landed, this piece of blanket would have reached here. Although the team has come to know that their first landing was two km away from this place, so how did this piece reach here. Chances are being raised that the reason for this may be wind.

In fact, the rov recently observed the winds on the planet using its cameras and a suite of sensors belonging to the Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA). The rover’s cameras picked up wind gusts on three occasions, which lifted large dust clouds that spread over a vast area of ​​4 square kilometres. This rover is unique for studying winds on Mars. .

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