NASA will fix fuel leakage, then America’s special mission may be launched

America special of moon mission After the cancellation, now NASA has said that NASA will fix the leak from the rocket during launch. of America Artemis-1 Mission Was canceled for the second time in the past. Preparations for the launch of Artemis were completed, that the launching team received information about hydrogen leaks from the rocket, after which the launch was canceled immediately.

Engineers preparing Artemis will replace the quick disconnect between the Space Launch System and the liquid hydrogen fuel feed. During the launch, hydrogen leaked from the quick disconnect itself, after which the launch had to be cancelled. NASA said that on Friday, an engineer in the rocket had detected a hydrogen leak in the engine section, after which the launch had to be stopped. However, the countdown for the launch had also started.

America's special mission is Artemis-1

Artemis is a special mission of America from the moon to Mars, on which the eyes of the world are fixed. On Saturday, NASA tried to launch the mission from the 32-storey Space Launch System rocket. Later, a defect was observed in the Orion capsule of the rocket. However, three attempts were made to launch Mission C but the launch could not be done and later it had to be cancelled. The launch director told that the mission was to be launched on Saturday at 2.17 pm.

No new launch dates announced

Although it is not yet clear when this mission will be launched, while after the cancellation of the earlier launch, NASA had announced new dates. It is being said that the fuel leakage was very high and no fault was seen in it a day before the launch.

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