Moon Surface: Water in small glass beads on the moon! Revealed in research

Moon Surface: Water in small glass beads on the moon!  Revealed in research

Moon Surface: The moon is the closest natural satellite to our earth. Scientists have been searching for the possibility of life on the moon for several decades. In this episode, a new thing has come to the fore. A recent research has shown that there may be water inside small beads of glass spread on the moon.

This thing can prove to be an important discovery for humans regarding the moon in the coming times. This points to a potential store of a valuable resource. Scientists consider the moon like a desert for a long time. However, in the last few decades, many such marks have been found, which gives evidence of water on the moon.

Trapped inside minerals
Scientists believe that there is water on the surface of the moon and it is trapped inside minerals. In the year 2020, China launched a mission to search the moon. The name of this mission was Robotic Chang’-5. During that time the soil of the moon was brought to the earth as a sample. On this, scientists said on Monday (March 27) that the analysis of samples of this soil has shown that these glass spheres are molten and cold. They keep water atoms inside them on the surface of the moon.

Collision produces high energy
Scientist Sen Hu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geology and Geophysics said that micrometeoroids and large meteorites collide continuously on the moon. During this their collision produces high energy.

It helps in making water glass. Sen Hu is also a coauthor of a research paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Solar wind is a charged particle. It contains protons and neutrons. Sen Hu said that the water formed by the solar wind is produced by the reaction of solar hydrogen with oxygen present on the surface of the lunar glass beads.

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