Monkeypox: ‘Monkeypox’ disease name changed; Now MPOX new name, WHO announcement

Monkeypox Name Change: Corona Monkeypoxwas also infected. Monkeypox, which is dangerous to humans, has now been given a new name. The World Health Organization (WHO) has changed the name of monkeypox disease. World Health Organization (WHO) has announced to change the name of Monkeypox to ‘MPOX’. The World Health Organization said that both names will be used for about a year and then monkeypox will be phased out.

The World Health Organization issued a statement saying that when monkeypox outbreaks escalated earlier this year, racist and offensive language was often used. WHO was informed about this. Expressing concern over this, many countries asked WHO to change the name of this disease.

Following consultations, WHO will begin using a new term for “#monkeypox” disease: ‘#mpox‘.
Both names will be used simultaneously for one year while ‘monkeypox’ is phased out

— World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) November 28, 2022

Both names can be used for one year 

WHO further stated that, after consultation, WHO decided to adopt a new name for monkeypox, which is MPOX. The two names would be used together throughout the year, while ‘monkeypox’ would later be dropped. This new name was proposed by men’s health organization REZO.

So far 80 thousand cases recorded 

Thousands of cases of monkeypox have been found in many countries of the world including India. Symptoms of monkeypox vary. These include body rash, fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and headache. According to WHO data, more than 80,000 cases of this dangerous disease have been reported worldwide and 55 deaths have been reported so far. 

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