Meta Layoffs: layoffs again, the shock came to India! How many layoffs in this country

Meta Layoffs: layoffs again, the shock came to India!  How many layoffs in this country

New Delhi: Fears of massive layoffs yet again to meet Facebook parent company. The shock of that retrenchment has come to India as well. Such is the news of the news agency IANS. Several high-ranking employees of Facebook are also going to fall under the retrenchment. 

The report says that in India Matter Director of Marketing Avinash Pant, Director of Media Partnership Saket Jha, Director (Legal) Amrita Mukhopadhyay – they are on the list of retrenchment. According to sources, Meta has started the third round of layoffs around the world. Marketing, administration, human resources and other departments are being laid off. In the previous retrenchment also, retrenchment was done from all departments. However, Meta has not yet spoken to the media about this issue. 

Suravi Prakash, an engineer working at Meta on the professional social media platform LinkedIn, has posted about this issue. He said there that he was asked to resign. At least 6,000 people have been laid off worldwide since Meta started Wednesday. Somewhere the number is said to be 10 thousand.  The company said that it is rethinking the cost aspect of running the company. Meta is repeatedly walking the road of layoffs to cut costs. Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in March that his company would cut at least 10,000 jobs. He said that the retrenchment will take place in two phases at the end of April and May. Earlier, Meta had laid off 11,000 workers in November last year.

This year is very bad for tech employees, that is, those working in various technology-based companies (Tech Companies). Be it big companies or startups, there have been layoffs. In 2023, nearly 2 lakh workers have already found jobs. These figures have come to light at the global level. According to the sources, more workers will be laid off by various tech companies around the world in the coming days. There have already been large-scale layoffs from various reputed companies like Meta, Google, Amazon, Vodafone. There is a fear of retrenchment in these companies in the coming days. – A layoffs tracking website. Here it is seen that 695 companies have retrenched around 1.98 lakh workers. According to 2022 statistics, 1046 tech companies laid off more than 1.61 lakh workers. 


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