Merkel era ends in Germany after 16 years, new government will be formed by agreement between three parties for the first time

Germany’s Social Democratic Party leader Olaf Schultz said on Wednesday that three parties had reached an agreement to form a new government, ending the era of long-time chancellor Angela Merkel. Schultz said the new government would explore the possibility of politics of big influence. He emphasized that issues such as the importance of sovereign Europe, friendship with France and partnership with the United States would be key pillars of the government’s foreign policy and the long post-war tradition would be continued.

He said he expected members of the three parties to give their consent to the deal in the next 10 days. Earlier it was said that the three parties in talks to form the next government would finalize the alliance agreement on Wednesday. With this, the era of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been ruling the country for a long time, will end. Current Finance Minister and Social Democratic Party leader Olaf Schultz is likely to replace him in the coming days.
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For the first time there will be a tripartite alliance
The Social Democratic Party has been in talks with the Green Party and the Free Democrats since a modest victory on 26 September in the national election. The environmentalist Green Party and the Free Democratic Party said details of the agreement would be presented later Wednesday afternoon. Till now tripartite coalition has not been tried in any national government of the country. If members of the three parties finalize the agreement, it will replace the existing Grand Alliance of the country’s traditional major parties. The Social Democratic Party has been a junior ally in the Merkel government.

Germany has been commanded by Merkel since 2005.
Merkel was not vying for a fifth term. Social Democratic leader Olaf Schultz is likely to replace him. The three parties that joined the government said they expected parliament to elect Olaf Schultz as chancellor in the week beginning December 6. Prior to that the agreement would require approval from members of all three parties. News of the deal for the coalition came at a time when Merkel probably chaired her last cabinet meeting. Finance Minister Schultz presented a bouquet of flowers to 67-year-old Merkel, who has been leading Germany since 2005.


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