McDonald Layoff: McDonald’s offices are closing, workers may be laid off at this popular burger company

New Delhi: This time, McDonald’s may walk the path of layoffs. This burger manufacturing company is one of the world’s largest fast-food chains. According to reports, McDonald’s has temporarily closed all offices in the United States (USA) this week. According to a report of the Wall Street Journal, the company is going to walk the path of layoffs.                                   

The company last week sent a mail to its US workers to start working from home from Monday to Wednesday. It is unclear how many employees will be laid off. “We will communicate key decisions related to organizational roles and staffing levels,” said an email.                                                                        

The Chicago-based fast food chain McDonald’s hinted at layoffs due to the financial crisis last January, according to the report. A statement from the company said that the future of employees in the corporate wing will be reviewed soon. In other areas, several steps will be taken to expand business.

In a mail message sent to employees last week, various offices will be temporarily closed from Monday through Wednesday. Work from home. All previously scheduled meetings should be cancelled. Important personnel related decisions will be announced this week itself. After receiving that mail, the employees of the organization started suffering from the fear of retrenchment.

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American multinational companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft have already walked the path of layoffs due to the economic recession and rising inflation around the world. Hundreds of thousands of workers have already received job loss notices. More companies are expected to announce layoffs this year.

Indians are among the worst affected by mass layoffs at US tech firms. 

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