Long neck and spots on the body, look carefully – this is not a ‘giraffe’, it is a dog, has suffered an accident like ‘hell’

People are comparing a strange dog to a giraffe because of its extremely long neck and spots on its body. Brody, an Azawakh breed dog, was rescued by Louisa Crook in 2016. when he was hit by a car. Louisa estimated Brody to be six to seven years old. Unfortunately, Brody had to amputate a leg and an arm after the accident.

Azawakh dogs generally have a long neck. But Brody’s look completely changed after the accident. Louisa, Marketing Consultant at Millid East, said Brody is the most beautiful of all the dogs I have seen in my life. I am a fan of the Cythound and the Azawakh is one of my favorite breeds. He said that when I first saw Brody, he was unable to walk and was in extreme pain, which made me very nervous.
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the whole body feels just one neck
Louisa said that I had never seen an Azawakh in such a state of blood before because he is not a common breed. Brody has a very long neck but in many ways it looks ridiculously long because his severed shoulder seems to be part of his neck. He said that sometimes it looks like it is just a long neck with arms and legs attached.

Louisa has saved 60 dogs so far
Louisa pointed out that not all Azawakh dogs typically have spots that are one of Brody’s strengths. I have a very special relationship with Brody. He always seems grateful for his new life after going through hell-like pain. This is incredibly cute to me. Louisa takes care of six dogs in total and has rescued 60 dogs so far. When Louisa moves out of town with Brody, people draw attention to Brody’s looks.


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