Li Shangfu: China’s new Defense Minister was banned in America, know the reason behind it

Li Shangfu: China’s new Defense Minister was banned in America, know the reason behind it

China: China has got its new Defense Minister in the form of Li Shangfu. At one time America had banned Shangfu. At the same time, apprehensions are being expressed that now bitterness can arise in the relations between China and America. Shangfu is 65 years old. It is being told that Shangfu will soon replace Wei Fenghe.

Career of Shangfu

Li Shangfu has graduated from the National University of Defense Technology located in China. Along with this, he has also worked in the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. During Shangfu’s time, China also successfully launched its first anti-satellite missile and the first soldiers of the Strategic Support Force branch also became Shangfu. The Strategic Support Force branch was established in the year 2015. The purpose of this branch was to focus and develop China in the fields of space, cyber technology, political and electronic warfare. 

This is how the dispute with America started 

Since the year 2018, Shangfu remained gritty in the eyes of America. It is reported that Shangfu was instrumental in the purchase of Su-35 fighter planes and S-400 missile systems from Russian arms dealer Rosoboronexport for China. At the time, Shangfu was overseeing Chinese defense technology as director of the equipment development department at the Supreme Military Commission.

On Shangfu, the US State Department had imposed many bans on his department and Russian organizations. Under this, Shangfu could not become part of any transaction in the American sector. A proper ban was imposed on him for transactions in the financial system. Not only this, America had also banned Shangfu, all his property and visa. The Bloomberg report also pointed out that Shangfu’s joining could be a reason for the good progress in China’s aerospace defense technology.

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