lGBT Law in US : Big news for the LGBT community in America, approval of same-sex marriage law

US House Approves Gay Marriage Law :

President Joe Biden’s reaction

US President Joe Biden has expressed his happiness over the passage of the same-sex marriage bill by the Lower House. Biden said in a statement, “Today, the government took an important step to ensure that Americans have the right to marry the person they love.” Biden added that the passage of this important legislation by the US House is good news for millions of LGBTQI+ and interracial couples. Now the rights and protections of the LGBT community and their children have been guaranteed by the government.

This legislation will help fight bigots: Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi She said, ‘We have to stand against the fundamentalists against same-sex marriage. The bill’s passage will help curb radical groups against same-sex marriage. Pelosi said the legislation would help enact measures to preserve marriage equality under federal law. 

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