Lebanon Migrant Boat: Death toll in Lebanon boat disaster rises to 61, search operation still underway

Lebanon Migrant Boat : As many as 61 people have died after a boat carrying migrants and refugees from Lebanon capsized off the coast of Syria. The Minister of Transport of Lebanon gave information about this today.  Meanwhile, the Syrian government said earlier that 20 survivors were being treated at Basel Hospital in Tartus. It said the rescued included two pregnant women and two children.

Lebanon amid economic recession, life-threatening exodus begins 

The horrific incident comes as Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians try to flee crisis-hit Lebanon to Europe by sea. In Lebanon alone, thousands have lost their jobs and the Lebanese pound has lost more than 90 percent of its value, leaving thousands of families living in extreme poverty as the crisis hits.

#UPDATE At least 61 migrants drowned when a boat they boarded in Lebanon sank off Syria’s coast, a Lebanese minister said Friday, the deadliest such shipwreck from Lebanon in recent years.https://t.co/jiCP6UL1OV

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) September 23, 2022

Meanwhile,  Governor of Tartus Abdul Halim Khalil went to the hospital and met the survivors of this serious accident. It is not clear how many people were on board and where exactly they were going, but the coastguard is still searching for bodies. State media said the boat was carrying people from different countries. Thousands of Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians have left Lebanon by boat in recent months to seek opportunities in Europe. 

Boat accident, second incident of the year 

Lebanon has a population of sixty million. Including 1 million Syrian refugees. It has been in the midst of a severe economic downturn since late 2019. Due to which three fourth of the population has been dragged into poverty. In April, a boat trying to evacuate dozens of Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians to Italy by sea capsized. Dozens were killed in this incident. 

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