Korean Air Space Violation: Russia, China violated airspace, know what was the response of the Korean army?

Air Space Violation: The South Korean military issued a statement to the media on Friday, saying that it had killed two Chinese and seven Russian warplanes in its (South Korea)  Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ). After the infiltration, they landed their fighter jets in front of them in response, which Beijing called routine training. The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of Seoul said that planes from China and Russia had entered their (Korea) airspace. According to local time, he was present there for about three minutes. In such a situation, while warning them, the Korean Air Force had to give its retaliation as per the rules. He further said that he had sent his fighter jets and air refueling tankers to deal with any kind of emergency. In response to a question, the Chinese military said that its aircraft were conducting regular exercises. 

What is K-ADIZ after all? 

Air Defense Identification Zone i.e. every country has a unique air defense identification zone. It is an area that helps a country to detect possible intrusions into its sovereign airspace. It provides an early warning system to prevent any country from infiltrating the airspace of another country. When an aircraft enters an ADIZ without warning, the country concerned may send its fighters to engage in a response to identify that aircraft and determine whether it will cause any damage to the country concerned. Danger  So is not. 


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