Kim Not Using ‘Body Double’: The ‘Slim Dictator’ Story told by the Spy Agency!


  • A North Korean dictator who weighs 20kg.
  • Doubt that Kim Jong Un is using Body Double.
  • South Korea’s intelligence agency says Kim’s body is not using double.
  • Intelligence officials say the man in front of the camera is the original Kim Jong Un.

Seoul: North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un has gained weight globally. Kim has a life-threatening ailment.

But the fact that Kim Jong Un is thin now also contributes to the global debate. There is debate as to whether Kim Jong Un is actually gaining weight or is using a ‘body double’. There have been many discussions in the past about using Kim’s body double. Some are fake Kim’s with evidence
Photos released.

But Kim Jong has really weighed in this time, the South Korean intelligence agency said. South Korean intelligence officials have argued that Kim Jong Borobari weighed 20kg and was not using a body double.

Kim Jong Un: Losing Weight: Watching the Video!
In 2019 Kim Jong Un Barrobari weighed 149kg. South Korea’s intelligence officials have made it clear that the man in front of the cameras is the real Kim Jong Un.

North Korea is currently facing a food shortage and Kim has ordered as much food storage as possible. It is being said that Kim’s intention is to convey the message that she too has lost weight by losing weight.

Kim Jong Un is losing weight through surgery and aiming to improve his deteriorating health. South Korean intelligence officials said Kim, who smoked excessive cigarettes, has now quit or reduced smoking.

Kim Jong Un for Thin: Many speculation about the health of the North Korean dictator!
What’s more, South Korean intelligence officials have made it clear that Kim Jong Un, who recently lost weight in front of the cameras, is actually Kim Jong Un.


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