Kim Jong Un Style: Kim Jong Un’s new rule .. If it looks like that anymore, die!

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has nothing special to say. He is credited with turning his country into hell. Because .. there are so many punishments that are not even in hell. Kim prefers that no one in the country be richer than she is. The people there are starving to death by wailing with famine .. That dictator’s mind is not melting. Moreover, he is further eroding the freedom of the people with the new rules. Another new rule that Kim has recently introduced is surprising the world.

Kim who thinks of herself as a god .. does not like her people to be the way they like to be. Finally there are many restrictions on hairstyles as well. Men and women are required to have their hair cut only in the 28 types of hairstyles approved by the government. If there is a difference .. arrest is inevitable. Recently Kim laid down another new rule. Ordering people not to copy his style anymore.

Kim Jong Un always wears a leather jacket. He thinks of it as a symbol of his glory. To market Kim’s style, the local textile industry began making Kim jackets with cheap materials. They are selling them in the market at low prices. As a result, even the poor are buying them. Knowing this .. Kim & zwnj; Ignited. Ordered not to copy his style anymore. He imposed a ban on his leather jacket-style jackets. If anyone appears in those jackets .. the & lsquo; Radio Free Asia & rsquo; The company revealed. The poor are also wearing such jackets .. Kim Jong Un is trying to look like, so they were banned. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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Deprivation of public liberty is not new to North Korea. In May of this year, the people of that country … In May of this year, Kim Jong-un ordered a ban on mullets, skinny jeans, slogan t-shirts and nose splits. Kim thinks those fashion trends are symbolic of capitalist society. Kim does not like to promote such a trend. Also Western newspapers have no access to that country. Eventually dyeing the hair should not be punished. & Nbsp;

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