Kim Jong-Un: ‘Kim’ duty? .. How many rules for a North Korean dictator’s wife? In the case of childbearing ..

North Korea .. You already know that living in this country that has nothing to do with the world is not so easy. If you want to live there .. you have to go back a few decades. Only the family of dictator Kim Jong Un is developing in that country. Would this life be enough if Kim was not talking about luxuries in North Korea. And, if you want to go as a wife to such a rich man .. Do you think girls should be very lucky. But, going to be his wife is like going into a lion’s bone. Currently Kim’s wife .. Ri Sol – Ju situation is the same. Kim & zwnj; .. If you look at the way he married her .. we remember the villain in Bhojpuri movies .. the scenes where the heroine is kidnapped (probably .. you may not have seen). If that happens then you can understand how things are going. The real dictator .. sadist in it. Otherwise he kills .. Sounds like she thinks a lot about & lsquo; Kim & rsquo; duty. Let’s take a look at how the actual wedding took place .. What are the rules she follows after marriage!

A young woman has been seen next to Kim Jong-un since 2012. At first she did not know who she was. Probably .. thought to be the newly formed Assistant Cabo. In the end, she was not someone else .. They were shocked to find out that Kim was actually Babu’s wife. Because .. almost three years after their marriage, she appeared to the public and the media. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Because .. she is busy raising children. In fact .. the first rule is that she should not let her pregnancy news out. Also, she should not be seen outside even after pregnancy. Children should not be shown either. At some point, Kim’s father, dictator Kim Jong Il, saw her. In 2008, Ill suffered a heart attack and ordered Kim to marry her. According to Asian media reports, Kim was forced to marry her in 2009. & nbsp;
Name change after marriage: It is common for some women to change their family name after marriage. However, Kim changed her full name. Not only that .. her past has also been completely erased. She ordered her parents not to divulge details of her date of birth. Ri Sal belongs to a wealthy family. Her mother was the head of the gynecology department at a hospital. Her father was a professor. However, she has not met her parents since the day of the wedding. She was later banned from wearing jeans. After that she should wear the dress suggested by Kim when she comes out. Finally the hairstyle & zwnj; Should also be to Kim & zwnj;’s liking. Don’t even meet people. Only have to go out with her husband. Also go to public events to meet her husband. She should not be specially invited. & Nbsp;
Do not leave North Korea: Her husband must not leave the country without her permission or companionship. How can Kim not allow her to leave the country. With this she just had to go with him. However, local media reported that she was in China before her marriage to Kim and studied there. She also traveled to hostile South Korea when she was a cheerleader.
Pregnancy is also a mystery: Kim is careful not to let the outside world know about her pregnancy. When he found out she was pregnant, he would tighten security around her. The one who sends out the house workers too. She should not leave her bungalow until delivery.

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వరకు Until the birth of a boy ..: Kim married Ri Sal in 2009. The first child was born in 2010. Years later another child was born. However, Kim was not happy with the birth of her two daughters. Ordering to have children until the male child is born. It was reported that she had given birth to another child some years ago. However, the birth of a male child and a female child were not announced. Some media outlets reported that she had given birth to a son. & Nbsp;

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