Kim Jong Un Daughter: Have you seen the dictator’s daughter? A photo claiming to be Kim Jong Un’s daughter goes viral

Kim Jong-un Daughter Photo : North Korea (North Korea) Dictator Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong-un) is always in the news because of his secretive lifestyle. Sometimes photos of Kim Jong Un’s hairstyle, sometimes of his weight gain or loss also go viral. Sometimes the cruel punishment given by this dictator becomes a topic of discussion. Now once again Kim Jong Un is in the news. The reason for this is Kim Jong Un’s daughter. Currently, a photo of Kim Jong Un’s daughter is going viral on social media. The girl in this photo is claimed to be the daughter of Kim Jong Un. This photo has gone viral at the moment.

A photo of a girl in a program in North Korea has gone viral. Dictator Kim Jong Un has always seemed to keep his family away from the media. So more information about his family is not available. Now it is being said that the photo of the dictator’s daughter has gone viral. An event held in North Korea was shown on local news channels. A photo of a girl during this event is currently in discussion. The girl in this photo has attracted everyone’s attention. According to some people, the girl in these photos is said to be Kim Jong Un’s only daughter Ju-ae.

Ju-A seen dancing on the show?

According to the UK Daily Mail newspaper, an event was held to mark North Korea’s founding day. A group of children was performing a song in this program. Ju-A is claimed to be among these children. The photos of this girl are currently very viral. The event was attended by Kim and his wife Ri Sol-ju. Kim Jong’s wife, Ri Sol-ju, was seen meeting other children attending the event and giving them a round of applause.

Joo-A was born in 2013

According to media reports, Kim Jong’s alleged daughter Joo-ae attended the event. At this time, Ju-A realized that Ju-A was familiar with Kim Jong Un’s wife, Ri Sol-Ju. While other children were seen meeting around the North Korean dictator, jumping with excitement, Kim Jong’s alleged daughter Joo-ae was seen standing quietly off to one side. Not only this, the camera was also focused on this girl. Ju-A was born in 2013.

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