Kim Jong Un: Ban on wearing leather jackets in North Korea, if Kim Jong Un imitates him …

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has banned the wearing of leather jackets in the country. Shops selling leather jackets have also been banned. For this, a contingent of fashion police has also been deployed in the country. & Nbsp;

North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un is always in the news because of strange decisions. Kim Jong Un has introduced a new strange rule for the people of his country. Dictator Kim Jong Un is furious that he copied his favorite leather coat. It has now banned the sale and wearing of leather coats in the country. Under the rules, no one in North Korea will be able to sell or wear leather coats.

People not to wear leather coats
According to media reports, North Korean police have instructed people not to wear leather coats. Traders and shopkeepers of leather jackets say that low quality and cheap leather coats started arriving in China and North Korea only after trade started. People also liked this coat very much. So traders started ordering cheap leather.

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