Khaleda Zia’s health deteriorates: Khaleda Zia’s health deteriorates, protesters demand treatment abroad

Dhaka: More ill Khaleda Zia. Sources said that the physical condition of the BNP chairperson is increasing. There were previous problems. At the same time, the doctors are thinking anew about the issue of bleeding inside Khaleda’s body. Done, some more experiments. According to Bangladesh news media sources. & Nbsp; It is learned that the doctors there have informed that it would be better to take Khaleda Zia abroad for proper and advanced treatment. According to Bangladesh media sources, Zia demanded to be sent abroad for such treatment & nbsp; BNP has given new program. The party has requested not to listen to any rumors about Khaleda Zia. & Nbsp;

Khaleda Zia & nbsp; He was admitted to a private hospital in Dhaka on 13 November. Since then there have been reports of his deteriorating physical condition. He is in CCU. He is constantly being monitored by special medical teams. BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “The United States, the United Kingdom or Germany. He needs treatment in one of these developed countries. & Nbsp; Doctors abroad are being consulted. & Nbsp;

Section 401 states that & nbsp; No crime in Bangladesh & nbsp; Convicts are being treated abroad & nbsp; Depending on the decision of the government. In this situation, their demand is that only Hasina government can release Khaleda or reduce the sentence, & nbsp; Send abroad for treatment. So the issue of Khaleda’s medical treatment is now largely dependent on the present government. However, the Bangladesh media has claimed that there is no proper treatment for this disease in the hospitals of that country. On the other hand, the former Prime Minister has demanded to be sent abroad for treatment."Y2IQFc" lang ="bn"> Thousands of supporters protested on Monday. The protesters demanded that the government allow Khaleda Zia to go abroad. Police (Bangladesh Police) to stop Tear gas. A final warning has been issued across the country. & Nbsp;


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