Israel Vs Syria: In response to Syria’s rocket attacks, Israel bombed with fighter jets, increased regional tension

Israel Hits Multiple Targets In Syria: Israel attacked Syrian military bases on Sunday (April 9). Israel called it retaliation. Israel says that six rockets were fired from Syria, after which it attacked the territory under its control in Syria. This information was given by the Israeli army in a BBC report. According to the report, the Israeli Air Force said that its fighter jets and a drone struck rocket launchers as well as Syrian military complexes, radar systems and artillery. targeted. 

Syria said that material damage has been caused by the attacks. At the same time, a Palestinian extremist group claimed to have fired rockets from Syria in the occupied Golan Heights. It was told that there was no loss of life or property. Israel has also come under fire in recent days from southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, the report said, prompting it to launch retaliatory strikes against Palestinian fighters in both areas.

Cannon attack too 

Elevated regional tensions

BBC reports that Israeli police recently raided the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, which saw the attacks between Israel and Syria amid heightened regional tensions.

Palestinians fear this

According to reports, the number of Jews visiting the Al-Aqsa compound has increased in recent years. Because of this, Palestinians fear that Israel is trying to take control of the entire territory. 

Israeli officials said they did not want to change a long-standing system allowing Jews to visit the compound. He made it clear that Jews do not pray in the area under Muslim jurisdiction.  

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