Israel Rocket Launch: Syria fired 6 rockets in Israel’s Golan Heights, Israeli army retaliated

Israel Rocket Launch: Southern Syria launched a total of six rockets on Israel’s Golan Heights on Saturday (April 8) night and Sunday (April 9) morning. Attacked with rockets. Three of these rockets fell in Israeli territory. 

Three rockets fired from Syria
Earlier, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) said on Saturday night that three rockets were fired from Syria, one of which crossed the border. It crashed in an open area near the northern Israeli city of Meitsar.

The Israel Defense Force said that the rocket alert was activated shortly before an open area rocket fell near the city and was intercepted and shot down in the air. One of the other two rockets fell in Syria, with the other landing in Jordan.

Iron Dome Air Security System
The Israel Defense Force said that they did not use the Iron Dome air security system because the rocket fell in a sparsely populated area. The Israeli army said a few hours later, at around 3:00 a.m., three more rockets were fired from southern Syria at the Israeli city of Golan Heights.

Earlier on Thursday, 34 rockets were fired from Lebanon. Violence escalated on multiple fronts as tensions escalated in Jerusalem and rockets were fired following a police raid on the Israeli city’s most sensitive holy site.

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