ISIS printed the damaged idol of Lord Shiva on the front cover of the magazine, replaced the head with ‘flag’

Terrorist organization ISIS’s ‘India-Centric Online Propaganda’ magazine has put a photo of an idol of Lord Shiva, whose head is missing, in a recent post. This idol resembles the famous 123 feet high Shiva statue situated on the beach of Murudeshwara town of Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka. It is a very famous pilgrimage site. People are sharing this picture on social media, which is also causing tension in many places. According to a report by news agency IANS, this photo shared has created a tense situation in Uttara Kannada, a communally sensitive coastal district in Karnataka. A beheaded Shiva statue has been featured on the front cover of the terrorist organization’s online propaganda magazine ‘The Voice of Hind’. It is also shown that the ISIS flag is in place of the head. Under the photo in the magazine, it is written, ‘The time has come to put an end to the false gods.’

Karnataka government increased the security of the templeThis picture has been posted by self-styled analyst and observer Anshul Saxena. According to IANS, Hindu organizations are angry about such a photo of Lord Shiva in an online magazine cover. In view of the situation, the Karnataka government has tightened the security of Murudeshwara temple. Murudeshwar is located very close to the coastal town of Bhatkal town, which is under constant surveillance of Indian intelligence agencies. Terrorist Yasin Bhatkal is a resident of this city.

Shia Muslims targeted by ISISThe target of ISIS is not only the Hindu community but also the Muslims. A few days ago, the terrorist organization had threatened that the terrorist group would target Shia Muslims all over the world. Islamic State called Shia Muslims ‘dangerous’. The warning was published in IS’s weekly newspaper Al-Naba. It said Shia Muslims would be targeted at their homes and centres.


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