Is the Omicron variant more dangerous than the Delta? Will the corona vaccine work or not? Know what WHO told

WHO Statement On Omicron: The whole world is troubled by the new variant of corona virus infection Omicron, the era of restrictions is returning because, Omicron is being seen as the most dangerous variant of corona . The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday called it an ‘extremely rapidly spreading worrisome type’. was contracted. After this, on Saturday, everyone was asked to be vigilant and strengthen public health service and social measures. Now WHO has put some more things in front of the world about Omicron.

Omicron more dangerous than Delta?
WHO said, ‘Preliminary evidence suggests that Omicron variants are at higher risk of getting corona again in people who have been infected before. . It can easily infect such people. WHO said, ‘It is not yet clear whether ‘Omicron’ is more transmissible (more easily spread from person to person) than Delta and other corona variants. For now it can be detected by RT-PCR test.’

Whether the vaccine will work against Omicron?
The World Health Organization said, ‘WHO is working with technical partners to understand the potential impact of this variant on the corona vaccine .’ He said, ‘It is not yet clear whether ‘Omicron’ causes more serious disease. There is currently no information to suggest that Omicron’s traits differ from those of other variants.’

It will take time to understand Omicron
WHO said, ‘Preliminary data suggests that the number of hospitalizations in South Africa has increased but this is especially true for ‘Omicron’. May have increased not because of the reason but due to the increase in the total number of people getting infected. “It will take several days to several weeks to understand the severity level of the Omicron variant,” the organization said."text-align: justify;">Read Also-
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