Is Omicron more dangerous than the Delta variant of Corona? US expert gave ‘good news’

After a few days of respite, the world has once again been in turmoil. Within a week, when the whole world was returning to normal days, words like ‘travel ban’, ‘warning’ and ‘new variants’ once again made headlines. Now all countries are once again implementing restrictions. The new variant of Corona, Omicron, has changed the whole environment. On Monday, the WHO also issued a warning regarding this. But in the meantime, an American expert has given ‘good news’. Faheem Yunus, chief of infectious diseases at the University of Maryland, has said that Omicron will be no more deadly than the delta variant. He has claimed this by quoting In his tweet, he shared a picture in which the graphs of 21I (Delta), 21J (Delta) and 21K (Omicron) can be seen. Yunus wrote, ‘Current global frequency of Delta vs Omicron variants. Based on a number of factors, I believe Omicron will not spread much beyond the delta. And that would be good news.’

‘Pandemic 2.0’ warningEarlier epidemiologists warned that this variant is extremely ‘worrisome’ and could trigger ‘Pandemic 2.0’. It was only after this warning from experts that a ‘state of emergency’ was declared in New York. The World Health Organization warned on Monday that the risk associated with the new variant of the corona, Omicron, is ‘very high’. The WHO said the B.1.1529 strain, which was first detected in South Africa, is ‘very isolated’ and has the potential to spread very rapidly internationally.

Omicron expanding its footprint in the UKThe WHO said it could potentially have ‘serious consequences’. Omicron has a number of spike mutations that are spreading rapidly in Europe and now in the UK. There have been six cases of Omicron in Scotland, taking the total to nine in the UK. Earlier, three cases of Omicron were reported in the UK. The Scottish government said four cases had been reported in Lanarkshire and two in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde region.


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