Iran Hijab Issue: Female News Anchor Avoids Wearing Hijab; Iran’s president refuses to give an interview

Iran Hijab Protest : In Iran (Iran) Currently Hijab protest is being done. Demonstrations are being held by women against Hijab. Meanwhile, it has come to light that the President of Iran refused an interview due to hijab. The president of Iran has refused to grant an interview to an American female news anchor after she refused to wear a hijab. According to a media report, Christiane Amanpour, a female journalist of the CAN news agency, claimed that the president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, refused to give an interview after all the preparations for the interview had been completed due to his refusal to wear the hijab.

News anchor refuses to give interview for refusing to wear hijab

In Iran, the atmosphere is currently heating up on the hijab. This has resulted in an event in the US by Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi had made a condition to wear a hijab in front of an American female news anchor for an interview, but the female anchor refused to wear the hijab. Therefore, despite all the preparations for the interview, President of Iran Ibrahim Raisi refused to give the interview. News anchor Christine Emanpour has claimed she was unable to interview Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi because she did not meet the requirement to wear a hijab.

The atmosphere against hijab heated up in Iran

Anti-hijab protests are currently taking place in Iran. After the death of a woman in police custody, women took an aggressive stance and started protesting. A woman was arrested in Iran for not wearing hijab. The woman died in police custody. Mahsa Amini died while in police custody. After this women in Iran started to protest. 

Protest by cutting hair and burning hijab by women

Women are protesting everywhere in Iran. Women are protesting by cutting their hair and burning their hijab. President Ebrahim Raisi condoled the death of Mahsa Amini. The anti-hijab demonstration in Iran is said to be a conspiracy by Iran’s opponents.

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