Invisibility Cloak : Mr. India…! Unique coat made by students in China, invisible when worn

Chinese Students Invisibility Cloak : You must have seen Bollywood movie ‘Mr. India’. After watching this movie as a child, many people wished that we too could disappear like this… now your wish is going to come true. Because a unique coat has been invented that makes you invisible like Mr. India. Students in China have invented this unique Mr. India quote. It is claimed that after wearing this coat, you will disappear from the camera.

China is a country known for various researches. Now this research of a student in China has attracted the attention of the world. A special quote has been created for Chinese students. You can escape from security cameras by wearing this coat. You can’t be seen on camera when wearing this coat. The person wearing this coat disappears from the camera. Interestingly, this coat looks like a simple coat. Talking about their price, this quote can be available up to Rs 6000. Meanwhile, this quote is likely to be banned.

This special coat is called InvisDefense. By wearing this coat on your body, you can escape not all security cameras, but AI intelligence cameras. By wearing this coat you can disappear from the sight of the AI ‚Äč‚Äčintelligence camera. This quote can be beneficial for citizens of countries where surveillance is done on the basis of AI intelligence cameras. 

China government likely to ban

The InvisDefense quote has also won a prize in a competition organized by Huawei Technologies. According to China media, a report claims that InvisDefense coat circumvents machine vision’s AI algorithm. This coat also confuses the Night Time Body Heat Sensor module in the security camera. Meanwhile, there is a possibility that this InvisDefense coat may be banned by the Chinese government or this coat may be used for military forces.

What is AI? (What is AI-Artificial Intelligence) 

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence (AI – Artificial Intelligence). Artificial intelligence is a technology that provides artificial intelligence to machines. Artificial intelligence technology helps machines understand, analyze and make inferences about information.

worth ‘this’ special quote

The students who created the quote have said that hundreds of tests were done to create this quote. The special thing about this quote is its price. This quote is likely to be available at a cheaper price. The students who prepared this quote said that it costs less to make this quote. The starting price of this quote can be around 6000 rupees.

The students who created the quote claimed that InvisDefense could be used in combat in anti-drone combat or human conflict. However, for this, the technology of this coat has to be further improved.

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