Interpol’s meeting begins in Istanbul to elect new president

Istanbul (Turkey), Nov 23 (AP) Interpol’s annual meeting began in Istanbul on Tuesday to consider security threats and crime trends and elect a new president of the international police body.

Police chiefs and other representatives of the organization’s 194 member states are participating in the three-day general assembly and the body’s new president and executive committee members will be elected on Thursday.

The election for the presidency is eyeing the world as the body’s first Chinese head, Meng Hongwei, disappeared during a visit to China in 2018, midway through his four-year term. It was later learned that he was taken into custody on charges of bribery and other offences.

Interpol then announced that Meng had resigned from his position. A South Korean vice-president, Kim Jong-yan, was quickly chosen to serve the remainder of Meng’s term. Kim’s term was due to end in 2020, but his term was extended by a year as Interpol’s annual meeting could not be held last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new chief will be elected for a term of four years.

There is also controversy over the voting as representatives from China and the United Arab Emirates are in the fray for the top positions. Critics say that if such representatives win, their countries will seek Interpol’s global effort to nab exiled dissidents and even their political opponents in exchange for action against drug traffickers, human traffickers, war crime suspects and alleged extremists. will use access.

Human rights groups have accused one of the candidates of being involved in cases of torture and forced detention in the UAE.


Avinash Pawanesh



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