International Day Of Peace 2022 : Today is ‘International Day of Peace’; Learn the history and significance

International Day Of Peace 2022: Peace is very important in our life. Where there is peace there is brotherhood, sweetness, contentment and joy. There is no meaning in living without peace. To tell the importance of this peace, 21st September is celebrated as ‘International Day of Peace’ every year around the world. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote peace by ending conflict situations at the international level.

This day since 1982 ‘Right to peace of people’  Started with this theme. From 1982 to 2001, the third Tuesday of September was observed as the International Day of Peace or World Day of Peace. But, since 2002, September 21 was fixed as the date. Since then, World Peace Day is celebrated every year on 21 September. The United Nations has appointed renowned personalities from the fields of art, literature, music, film and sports as Ambassadors of Peace to spread the message of peace around the world.

On World Peace Day flying white doves conveys a message of peace and also expects each other to maintain peace. White doves are considered symbols of peace. Apart from this, programs are organized by the United Nations in various institutions, schools and colleges on the occasion of Peace Day. The main goal of life is to attain peace and happiness, for which man constantly strives. But, not trying for peace. The whole world is trying to establish peace in all countries.

Under this every year 21st September is celebrated as International Day of Peace across the world. This day was celebrated primarily to maintain global peace. 


The United Nations calls for the celebration of the International Day of Peace through a new theme every year. This year also the new theme is ‘Better recovery for equitable and sustainable development’. United Nations has appealed that the importance of this day will be proved only if the international day should be celebrated by awakening mercy, hope, humanity and compassion in the people during the corona epidemic. At the same time, stand with the United Nations by eradicating the growing competition, hatred and discrimination between countries. It has also been appealed.

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