Indiscriminate firing in America’s Walmart store, news of 10 people killed

The incidents of rapid firing in America are not taking the name of stopping. The latest incident of firing took place in the US state of Virginia. Indiscriminate firing took place at a Walmart store in Virginia, in which at least 10 people are reported dead.

Regarding the incident, city officials say that a gunman has shot and killed several people in a Walmart store in the US state of Virginia, as well as the shooter who fired. He said that "Chesapeake police have also confirmed a major shooting incident at the Walmart store located on Sam's Circle."

Dallas: 2 killed in shooting at hospital

Meanwhile, three people were killed in two separate shooting incidents in Dallas and California in the US. Two employees were killed in a shooting at a hospital in Dallas on Saturday, while the suspected gunman was wounded in retaliatory police fire.

The firing incident took place inside the Methodist Health System Hospital at around 11 am on Saturday. "A Methodist Health System police officer arrived on the scene, confronted the suspect and fired at him, injuring him," hospital spokesman Ryan Owens said in a statement. The names of the two employees killed have not been disclosed. It has also not been informed that in which posts they were posted.

The second incident of firing took place at a high school in California, in which one person died. Investigators believe the shooting occurred after an altercation between about 20 people at the end of a football game at Grant Union High School on Friday night. Officers found a gun and broken glass in a parking lot of the school. Police said a man in his 20s who was shot was taken to a nearby hospital, but later died.

Colorado: 5 killed in gay nightclub shooting

Two days ago on Sunday, there was a firing incident in a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, USA. In the night club firing, 5 people were killed while more than 25 people were injured. Later, the police detained a suspect after the incident. The injured in the attack are undergoing treatment in the hospital.

A year and a half ago, Anderson Lee Aldrich, arrested for killing five people in a nightclub shooting, had threatened to attack his mother with a crude bomb, prompting the evacuation of nearby homes. Regarding the incident, officials said on Sunday that the police and anti-bomb squad who reached the spot later convinced Aldrich to surrender. However, despite this incident, there is no record of legal action being taken against him for taking hostage or threatening the family.

There is also no record that the police filed a case against Aldrick under Colorado's gun law, which could have led to the seizure of the weapons and explosives he claimed to have. Mother did it.

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