India today has a prime minister whom the country’s sant community had wished for: Hindu spiritual leader

International Yoga Day (International Yoga Day 2022The head of Juna Akhara, who reached America to lead the program, said that today the government which talks about the saint community in the country is leading the country, it is a matter of pride for the saint society. Arena Head New York’s Times Square (Times Square) was speaking at the programme. He said that Sant Samaj has got respect, self-respect and right to live from the present government of the country. The country is developing continuously due to the transparent and development-oriented policies of our Prime Minister. Hindu spiritual guru Swami Avdheshanand Giri said that India today has such a Prime Minister and a government that the saint community of the country had long wished for.

He said that now the country should focus on issues like Uniform Civil Code, Right to Education and making voting compulsory. Swami Awadheshanand Giri, the head of Juna Akhara, Haridwar, said in an interview that in the 21st century, especially after the COVID-19 global pandemic, Hindu civilization is not through conversions or other such activities, but through Ayurveda, yoga and vegetarianism and veganism. Due to the food habits spread all over the world.

The Indian spiritual leader arrived in the US to lead a grand ceremony to mark the International Day of Yoga at New York’s Times Square. He said that today there is such a Prime Minister in India and such a government, which the saint community of the country had long wished for.

I have found the prime minister of my choice – Swami Avdheshanand Giri

Swami Avdheshanand Giri told PTI-Bhasha that I have now got the Prime Minister of my choice. Today there is such a government in the country, which I had imagined. Referring to the steps being taken to improve the condition of women and minorities, besides other infrastructure as well as road construction works at record level in the country, he said that India is now undergoing a transformational development under the good governance of Prime Minister Modi. Is going through.

Got respect, self respect and right to live – Giri

He said that if you ask Muslim women what they have got from this government and the Prime Minister, they will say that they have got respect, self-respect and the right to live. He said that the Prime Minister of India today has transparent and development-oriented policies, The government has worked for all the people. Swami Avdheshanand Giri said that I am not the spokesperson of the government, but the present Prime Minister and his rule is as we had imagined and wished. In response to a question, Giri said that the country now needs to focus on three subjects on a priority basis. First a Uniform Civil Code, second the right to education and finally the right to vote, under which it is mandatory for every citizen to vote.

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