India should be cautious about America know why the former army chief gave this advice

Former army chief General Bikram Singh spoke to the government on strategic matters. America Urging to be careful in dealing with the world, he said that the most powerful country in the world has not yet been able to prove its credibility towards its close allies. He said that India’s quad group Caution must be exercised in proceeding with the US, which has expanded its ties with New Delhi in recent years, despite being a member of the UN.

The Quad is a quadrilateral security dialogue grouping of India, the US, Japan and Australia. "While it is good that we are part of the Quad (which is seen as a counterweight to China in the Indo-Pacific region), it would be in our interest that we Proceed with caution with the US, as Washington has never been able to win the trust of its strategic and defense allies.

Questions raised on America's strategic behavior

Explaining the reason for his suggestion of a cautious approach in strategic dealings with Washington, General Singh, the 24th Army Chief, said, "America first pulled out of Vietnam, then twice out of Iraq and most recently out of Afghanistan." We should be very careful in dealing with America. He said that the US has failed in all its external military interventions and one of the main reasons for this was that Washington has been getting its work done by others.

Ministry of External Affairs said this in Visa matter

On reports that Indians have to wait three years to get US visas, the Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday said it has not taken up the matter with the US but hopes that a country's visa system becomes predictable and less time-consuming. Must be one. According to media reports, those planning to visit the US on B1 (business) and B2 (tourist) visas will have to wait for about three years, and the waiting time for applicants in India is about 1,000 days.

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