In this Muslim country, there may be a terrible flood than Turkey, the goods of destruction are being prepared here

In this Muslim country, there may be a terrible flood than Turkey, the goods of destruction are being prepared here

Iran Earthquake Prediction: Last month’s earthquake in West Asian countries Turkey (Turkey) and Syria had caused great devastation. Now such a devastating disaster can come in another Islamic country Iran. In fact, its largest city Tehran with a population of millions of people is expected to be in the grip of disaster.

Clouds of destruction are hovering over Tehran, the capital of Iran. Mehdi Chamran, the chairman of the city council here, said after the February 6, 2023 earthquake in Turkey and Syria, "There will also be an earthquake in Tehran, which will be the most devastating disaster of the century, in which thousands of lives can be lost." The earthquake in Turkey and Syria killed more than 50 thousand people.

Danger of great destruction in the capital
Geologists have warned Iranians, warning of great danger in Tehran. Tehran is the most populous metropolitan area in West Asia with approximately 16 million people. It is considered very sensitive in terms of earthquake. Many scientists have expressed apprehension that there is a danger of a major catastrophe here for a long time. 

High seismic activities were recorded
According to scientists, six main fault lines and more than 60 minor fault lines are in Tehran. They come under many high-rise buildings, both residential and commercial. According to a 2020 report by the International Journal of Geo-information, "Tehran’s high earthquake risk, dense population and many other factors make Tehran one of the top 20 global megacities with a high earthquake risk."

This city is already struggling with many crises 
If geologists believe, Tehran is already struggling with many crises. Increasing pollution is one of the major problems of this city, so it is often shrouded in smog. There are frequent traffic jams here. The construction standards are implemented incorrectly. There are also recent political tensions over the deepening economic crisis and anti-government protests.

There is a possibility of a major destructive earthquake
Research and history show that a major destructive earthquake can only occur in Tehran.  In the year 2017, Mohsen Hashemi, the chairman of the then Tehran City Council, said that Tehran "In the near future" Large scale earthquake may have to be faced. According to experts, "Tehran experiences an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 on the Richter scale every 150 years.”

The last time a major earthquake occurred here 190 years ago. Tehran officials  Repeatedly express concern over this, but they have not made any significant efforts to reduce the huge damage caused by the earthquake. Instead, unsafe buildings have continued to come up throughout the city in recent years. 

….there will be more devastation in Iran than in Turkey
On January 27, Iranian news agency ISNA quoted Ghoradollah Mohammadi, executive director of Tehran’s fire department and security services, as saying: Told that his agency began assessing building safety in Tehran six years ago. The agency evaluated 33,000 buildings in the city, dividing them into four groups, least and most dangerous. They found that most of the buildings in the city were such that if an earthquake of magnitude 8 occurred, Iran would be more devastated than Turkey and Syria.

Emphasis on nuclear program
American experts say that the Iranian government is not preparing to deal with the devastating earthquakes that are brewing here, but in this country, it has insisted on preparing nuclear bombs. going. Recently, a foreign agency had said that now Iran is closer to making nuclear weapons than ever before. The latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency suggests that Iran has enriched uranium to 83.7 percent, very close to weapons grade. 

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