Imran, Zardari and Nawaz ‘looted’ poor Pakistan like this, watches worth crores, gold AK-47 ..Know the big disclosure

Imran, Zardari and Nawaz ‘looted’ poor Pakistan like this, watches worth crores, gold AK-47 ..Know the big disclosure

Pakistan Toshakhana Controversy: Economic crisis is going on in Pakistan. He is not getting help from anywhere in the country and the world. Country’s PM Shehbaz Sharif, former PM for the country’s situation , Imran is blaming Shehbaz for the worse condition of the country. However, the Toshakhana gift controversy in Pakistan has once again brought many leaders of the country to the dock.

It is clear from the Toshakhana gift controversy that many leaders including the former PM of the country are involved in corruption. He has misused the power. In fact, the Lahore High Court (LHC) had ordered the records of Toshakhana Gift to be made public since 2002. After the court’s order, now the Shehbaz government has been forced to issue it, which has shown that it has come to know that gifts worth crores have been taken in lakhs and apart from Imran, the Sharif family has also been ahead in this.

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Shahbaz government has put a 466-page record of Toshakhana gift controversy on the official website. After reading this record, the whole picture becomes clear. Looking at the details made public, the picture from Imran to Shahbaz becomes clear. According to the records made public, former PM Imran Khan received a gold watch worth 8.5 crore Pakistani rupees, cufflinks worth 56 lakhs, a pen worth 15 lakhs and a ring worth 85 lakhs. The most surprising thing is that the former PM had given  only Rs 2 crore for this. 

Talking about former President Asif Ali Zardari, he bought a BMW 760 Li car worth Rs 5.7 crore and a Toyota Lexus LX 470 car worth Rs 5 crore for just Rs 1.6 crore. 

In 2013, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif kept a Rolex watch worth Rs 11 lakh, cufflinks and pens worth Rs 25,000 and four commemorative coins of the Kuwait Central Bank worth Rs 15,000. Instead, Shahbaz deposited only  24 thousand rupees.

What is Toshakhana in Pakistan?

Toshakhana means a room where the clothes, ornaments and expensive things like gifts etc. of the king or the rich are kept safely. Government’s storage place in Pakistan has been named Toshakhana, which is also known as State Depository in English. According to the law of Pakistan, gifts received from abroad or from foreign guests are deposited in this Toshakhana. If the Prime Minister wants to keep the gift with him, he will have to pay for it. These gifts can also be auctioned. The money earned from the auction will go to the government treasury only. Overall, the gifts received by the Prime Minister are the property of the nation. 

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