Imran Khan Speech: ‘If I go to jail or they kill me…’, Imran Khan issued a message amidst the ruckus

Imran Khan Speech: ‘If I go to jail or they kill me…’, Imran Khan issued a message amidst the ruckus

Imran Khan Faces Arrest In Lahore Update: There has been a ruckus in Pakistan over the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, PTI supporters on the streets are creating ruckus. There are also reports of violent clashes with the police. Meanwhile, PTI chief has released a video message. In this he has asked people to fight for their rights. Significantly, a police team has reached Khan’s residence to arrest him in a corruption case.

PTI chief Imran Khan has shared a video amid the uproar in Pakistan. In which he addressed his countrymen and said that the police have come to arrest me. They think that if Imran Khan goes to jail, the public will fall asleep. You have to prove them wrong, you have to prove that the community (people) is alive.

Imran Khan’s video message

In his video, Khan has further said that you have to fight for your rights, you have to hit the streets. God has given everything to Imran Khan. I am fighting your battle. I have fought my whole life and will continue to fight, but if anything happens to me, you have to prove that you can fight without Imran Khan. You have to prove that you will not accept this slavery and dictatorship.

Actually, two non-bailable warrants have been issued on Imran Khan for threatening a female judge and not appearing before the court in the Toshakhana case. In this case the police is trying to arrest Khan. 

My message to the nation to stand resolute and fight for Haqeeqi Azadi & rule of law.

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) March 14, 2023

 According to the information, the police have blocked all the roads leading to Imran Khan’s house. A large number of police forces were deployed. Imran’s supporters have also gathered in large numbers outside the residence, protesting Khan’s arrest. 

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