Imran Khan Faces Arrest: Will Imran Khan be arrested? Fierce clash between PTI supporters and police outside former PM’s house

Imran Khan Faces Arrest: Will Imran Khan be arrested?  Fierce clash between PTI supporters and police outside former PM’s house

Imran Khan Arrest In Lahore Update: A team of police and Rangers commandos has arrived to arrest former Prime Minister of Pakistan and President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan. Imran-supporters have stood like a ‘wall’ in front of the police. Supporters have had a fierce clash with the police. Stones are being thrown.

Earlier yesterday also the Islamabad Police team had reached Lahore by helicopter, but then Imran was not found there. Later it was reported that Imran had gone somewhere in a bullet-proof car. However, now policemen and commandos left for Lahore again today (March 14) following the directions of the Islamabad court.

Imran’s arrest created ruckus

Meanwhile, Imran Khan once again appealed to the supporters to gather once again. Imran Khan wrote on social media, “Listen Pakistani people… Your leader’s life is in danger.” We have to stay united.

Imran said, "The police is coming to arrest me to put me in jail. They think that when Imran goes to jail, the community will fall asleep. You have to prove them wrong. You have to get out. I am fighting a battle for you. You prove to what extent this community can struggle for Imran Khan."

It was written on the Twitter handle of Imran-led political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) that everyone should reach Khan Sahab’s Zaman Park house in Lahore as soon as possible.

Several policemen injured in stone pelting

Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn News’ According to, now the supporters of Imran have been policing. Stone pelting is happening on the spot. Some policemen have been injured in stone pelting, who have been taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, talking to reporters, a senior police officer of Islamabad Police said that they have come to arrest Imran Khan in the Toshakhana case. 

‘We will only take Imran today’
On the other hand, the Lahore Police said in its statement, "Today we have come to arrest Imran and will take him only. Those who are pelting stones, they have been given the last warning."

PTI leader said – High Court canceled the arrest‍ warrant 
Senior PTI leader Farooq Habib said that no matter what happens, Imran Khan will not surrender before the police in fake cases do. Habib said, ‘The Islamabad High Court has today suspended the arrest warrant in the case related to threatening a woman judge. Let’s see what new warrant the police have come up with.’’

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