Imran Khan Case: ‘Leave Pakistan and go abroad or…’, now Imran Khan has only two options

Imran Khan Case: ‘Leave Pakistan and go abroad or…’, now Imran Khan has only two options

Imran Khan Al Qadir Trust Case: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan is in trouble these days. The effects of what happened in Pakistan after the arrest of Imran Khan on May 9 are still being felt.

Even though the Supreme Court saved Imran at that time, but now the army and the government are in no mood to spare him. At present, the situation is such that an army contingent has gathered outside Imran Khan’s house to arrest him once again.

Yesterday the Punjab government had given Imran Khan an ultimatum of 24 hours and that time has also been completed. Imran is accused that 30 to 40 terrorists are hiding in his house. The army and the government are calling those people terrorists,  Who attacked army bases after Imran’s arrest on May 9.

Pakistan army gave Imran 2 options

The army is very angry with the events of 9th May. According to sources, the Pakistan Army has made it clear that Imran is now left with only two options, either go to Dubai or London or face the case under the Army Act. According to the current situation, Imran is not ready to go abroad. He may now have to face the Army Act case.

That Army Act under which punishment has been done in 99% of the cases. After all, what option is left with Imran now?  Will Imran surrender to the army or will the Supreme Court once again come to his rescue like on May 9? 

On this Pakistani journalists say that Imran Khan makes wrong statements and hence gets into trouble. On the other hand, All India Anti Terrorist Front (AIAF) chairman MS Bitta says that Imran Khan is going to meet the same fate as Benazir Bhutto.

Such cases have happened in Pakistan before

This is not the first case of former PM going abroad to avoid the case in Pakistan. Former PM Nawaz Sharif moved to Saudi Arabia with a deal in 1997 after the coup during the late Pak President Pervez Musharraf. Former PM now under the rule of Nawaz Sharif’s brother Imran Khan has been given the option of leaving Pakistan to avoid the case.

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