Imran Khan Case: For Imran, his supporters who clash with the police are becoming trouble, 80 cases registered, increasing legal difficulties

Imran Khan Case: For Imran, his supporters who clash with the police are becoming trouble, 80 cases registered, increasing legal difficulties

Islamabad : The problems of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan have increased after the violence by Imran Khan’s supporters during the hearing in the Islamabad judicial complex in the Toshakhana case. The total number of cases filed against Imran Khan has gone up to 80. According to information, a case has been registered against the former prime minister and members of his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party at Islamabad’s Golra Sharif police station for torching government vehicles, assaulting police officers and snatching their official weapons. Is. Khan’s residence in Zaman Park, Lahore was raided by the Punjab Police soon after he left for Islamabad to appear before the judges in the judicial complex.

Punjab’s Acting Information Minister Aamir Mir rejected PTI’s claims of a coercive and illegal operation, and said the operation was carried out only after a search warrant. He said, ‘We ran an operation. Hundreds of sand bags were placed around the house. We recovered illegal weapons, petrol bombs, bows and stone balls from the premises, which were being used to attack police and security officials. ‘Imran Khan’s house and the area around it has been turned into a no-go zone due to illegal patrolling by armed men. We cannot allow this. The miscreants present in and around the residence attacked dozens of our police officers, and injured them.

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PTI workers clash with police

As per reports, security forces have detained more than 17 PTI workers from Islamabad and the residences of several party leaders have been raided. Khan traveled from Lahore to Islamabad on Sunday with thousands of his supporters to appear before the judges in the Toshakhana case. At least 4,000 of his supporters reached the Sector G-11 judicial complex. Khan is accused of concealing details of gifts received from the depository in his asset declarations submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). However, upon his court arrival, violent clashes broke out between the police and the activists.

Imran Khan Police: Bulldozers run at Imran Khan’s house, police entered by breaking the gate

Imran’s legal problems are increasing

Khan’s supporters wanted to accompany him to the court premises, which was not allowed. The incident forced the court to adjourn the hearing of the matter till March 30 after canceling the non-bailable arrest warrant of the former prime minister and marking his appearance. Experts believe that Khan’s legal troubles are increasing. The current government is trying to tackle his popularity and his political relevance through legal means with the aim of seeing him out of the race before the general elections due later this year.

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