Grandparents’ Day 2022 : ‘Grandparents’ Day’ is being celebrated today; Know the history and significance of this day

Grandparents’ Day 2022 : Parents cannot spend time with their children every time. So at such times, the grandparents fill their lack. Today is the day of grandparents who are closer to children than their parents. Grandparents play a huge role in the formation of very young children. Grandparents also teach children many things through their life experiences and impart important life lessons to grandchildren. So Grandparents Day (Grandparents Day 2022) is celebrated to honor them. The day celebrates the bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

Grandparents Day is celebrated worldwide on the second Sunday of September every year. This year this day is being celebrated on 11 September 2022. Just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated. Similarly, Grad Parents Day is also celebrated. On this day, children express their love for their grandparents. They try to keep them happy and convince them of the importance of grandparents in their lives. It is also tried to please the grandparents by giving many gifts.     

Importance of Grandparents in Children’s Life : 

In fact, the importance of grandparents in the life of children is unique. Because grandparents are with children from the time they can’t even speak. They are taught how to talk, how to walk, how to behave and how not to behave. Similarly, children learn many things from their elders. They follow them. From teaching children manners to giving them emotional support, grandparents play a very important role in children’s lives. 

A special memory of this day in America : 

This day is celebrated in America because there was a grandmother named Marion McQuaid. who had 43 grandchildren. Grandma wanted the grandparent-grandchild relationship to be good. Everyone spends time with each other. For this he started a campaign in 1970. She wanted to make the day a national holiday so that all children could spend time with their grandparents. She wanted to end the generation gap between children and fathers. Marion McQuade campaigned for 9 years. President Jimmy Carter in 1979 declared the day as Grandparents Day. Grand Parents Day was first celebrated in 1990 by a charity called Age UK.

Grand Parents Day is celebrated on different dates:

‘Grand Parents Day’ has many It is celebrated on different days throughout the year in different countries. In America, this day is celebrated as the first Sunday after Labor Day. which is celebrated on the first Monday of September. Also, this day is celebrated on different dates throughout the year in Australia, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Poland and other countries. 

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