Google Bank Account Seized: Putin’s big action on Google, Russian bank account of the company seized

Russia Ukraine War: Russia the google (Google) But taking a big action, his Russian bank account has been frozen. A Google spokesperson gave this information on Wednesday. He said that Russian authorities have seized Google’s Russian bank account. Since then it has become difficult to work in the office there. The spokesperson said that the Russian subsidiary of Google has done this with the intention of bankruptcy so that it does not have to pay staff and suppliers. However, Google said it would continue to offer free services there, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, its Android operating system and its Play app store. Let us tell you that since Russia started attacking Ukraine, many countries of the world got angry with Russia.

Many countries started imposing different types of sanctions on Russia. Many countries stopped investing and exporting to Russia. Google also stopped all advertising in Russia. Twitter also banned Russia. At the same time, many French companies also closed their stores in Russia. In this way Russia had come under a hail of sanctions from all sides. Despite this, Russia continued to attack Ukraine. Alam is about three months of the ongoing war between the two countries. During the war of so many days, both the countries have suffered a lot. It is another matter that Russia would have suffered less damage than Ukraine.

The war between Russia-Ukraine continues for the last 84 days

During the war of about 84 days, Russia destroyed many cities of Ukraine. Lakhs of people had to leave the country. Many areas of Ukraine were turned into crematoriums. Even the incident of genocide came to the fore. After this the small countries of the world also turned against Russia. Many allied countries including America, Britain imposed restrictions on Russian officials. In return, Russia also announced different types of sanctions on many countries. In this sequence, Russia has also taken action against Google under the spirit of revenge.

Last month America announced new sanctions on Russia

Last month the US announced new sanctions on Russia. Under this, the United States targeted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s two daughters and banks. Russia’s two big banks Spurbank and Alfa Bank were banned. Along with Maria Putina and Katerina Tikhonova, daughters of the Russian President, the US also imposed sanctions on Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the wife and children of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and members of the Russian Security Council. These included former President and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.