German court indicts ex-IS member guilty of Yazidi girl’s death

Berlin, Nov 30 (AP) A German court convicted a former member of the Islamic State group on Tuesday of genocide and war crimes in connection with the death of a five-year-old Yazidi girl. The man had bought a five-year-old girl as a slave and as a punishment had tied her with chains in the scorching sun, which led to her death.

The regional court in Frankfurt sentenced Iraqi national Taha al-Jay to life imprisonment and ordered the child’s mother to pay 50,000 euros (US$57,000). The surname of the convict has not been made public due to privacy regulations.

Judge Christopher Koller, hearing the case, said it was the first time anyone in the world had been convicted of a role in IS’s systematic repression of the Yazidi religious minority, German news agency DPA reported. event is.

However, the defense counsel had denied the allegations against his client.

The German wife of the said convict was also sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the same case last month.

The United Nations termed IS’s attacks on its own soil in northern Iraq in 2014 against Yazidi people as genocide, saying the Yazidi community with a population of 400,000 were either “forced to flee, caught” have gone or they have been killed.” Thousands of these people were caught by IS. He forced the boys to fight on his side, the men who did not convert to Islam were executed and the women and girls were sold into slavery.

According to German prosecutors, al-Jay bought a Yazidi woman and her five-year-old daughter as slaves from an IS camp in Syria in 2015. Both were caught by the terrorist organization from northern Iraq in August 2014, after which the mother and daughter were repeatedly bought and sold.

According to the framed allegation, al-Jay took the mother and daughter with him to their home in the Iraqi city of Fallujah and forced them to “take care of the house and live by strict Islamic law”. During this, he did not even give food to the mother and daughter and beat them continuously as a punishment.

Prosecutors allege that in late 2015, Al-Jay chained the girl to a window sill in strong 50-degree Celsius sunlight, leading to her death as part of her sentence. The punishment was given to the girl for allegedly wetting her bed at night.

The girl’s mother, who survived all the torture, has testified in both the cases.

AP Arpana Manisha



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