French Prime Minister Jean Castex infected with corona virus

Paris, Nov 23 (AP) French Prime Minister Jean Castex tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday. He was confirmed to have been infected just hours after returning from a Belgian trip.

The Prime Minister’s Office told that Castex will continue to do their work by living in a separate habitat for the next 10 days. Officials did not provide any information regarding whether Castex had any symptoms of infection.

The office said that one of his daughters was found to be infected after Jean Castex returned from Belgium, after which two tests of Castex were done and they were found to be infected.

Castex met with the Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander de Cru, in Brussels.

According to state broadcaster RTBF, the crew’s office said he would be tested on Tuesday and would remain in isolation until reports came.

In France, cases of infection have been increasing rapidly for the past few weeks, despite 75 percent of the population being vaccinated against Kovid-19. More number of people are being admitted to the hospital and the cases of death due to infection have also increased.

French President Emmanuel Macron was also infected in December last year and several other ministers have also been infected.

AP Niharika Mansi




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