Former Interpol chief’s wife targets Chinese government

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Lyon (France), Nov 18 (AP) Grace Meng, wife of former International Crime Police Organization (Interpol) chairman Meng Hongwei, was once in China enjoying all the privileges she would have had if she married a senior administration official. Huh. The ruling Communist Party trusted her husband so much that he was sent to France to play a prestigious role at Interpol, but his luck turned his back when China accused Hongwei of bribery and sentenced him to 13 years and six months in prison. Sentenced to.

Longing to communicate and meet her husband, Grace, along with her twin sons, is living as a political refugee in France and raising her voice against Chinese rule, angered by Chinese rule.

Hongwei went missing in 2018. He was then prosecuted and sentenced to imprisonment. Hongwei’s wife, who once served as deputy minister for public security, describes her country’s government as a “monster” because it “eats up her own children”.

Grace allowed the world to show her face and shoot her video for the first time during an exclusive interview with The Associated Press (AP).

Grace said, “It’s my responsibility to show my face. It is my responsibility to tell the world what happened.” He said, “In the last three years, I have learned to live with the ‘monster’ in the same way as the world has learned to live with the global pandemic.

Grace is so angry with the Chinese government that she has stopped using her Chinese name Gao Ge and identifies herself as Grace Meng. She said, “I have come back to life from the dead.”

She said that she has no information about where her husband is and how is his health. Hongwei is about to turn 68 now. The last communication between the two was on September 25, 2018, when Hongwei had gone to Beijing for work. He had sent two messages to his wife on the mobile phone.

Grace said the first message she wrote was, “Wait for my call.” Four minutes later, she sent an emoji of a kitchen knife, which clearly meant a danger signal.

He said his lawyers had sent letters to the Chinese authorities several times, but did not get any response. She does not even know whether her husband is alive or not.

Grace said, “I don’t want my children to live without their father.” She argued that Beijing’s autocratic behavior had been criticized by the global organization working on common law enforcement issues by not taking a firm stand on her husband’s case. encouraged.

Grace said that a fake case was registered against her husband. He said this is an example of turning political dissent into a criminal case.

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