First a fearless journalist and now within a few months the hero of Nepal’s politics… Ravi Lamichhane’s Jigarbaz story

Nepal General Elections 2022 : A TV journalist who raised his voice against the established power has made a stir in the politics of Nepal. Ravi Lamichhane, who formed the party just a few months ago, has dominated the parliamentary elections in Nepal. Lamichhane’s National Independent Party has come fourth in the elections.  

Lamichhane was an anchor of a very famous news channel of Nepal. Even when he was a journalist, he was famous for his witty interviews.  In April 2013 when he held the world record for the longest talk show. He also tried to expose the corruption in the country by carrying out sting operations on political figures and government officials. 

In 2022, he resigned as managing director of Galaxy 4 TV and announced the formation of a national independent party. After that, he fielded his party vigorously in the parliamentary elections held on Tuesday. He himself has defeated the ruling Nepali Congress candidate from Chitwan constituency and an old leader who is a minister at the Centre.

His party has been formed just five months ago. It is reported that six candidates of his party have won so far. Some more candidates are on the way to victory. In Nepal, the National Liberation Party (NIP) is expected to win more seats in the parliament. 

27-year-old lawyer Sobita Gautam is also among those who won the election on NIP ticket. He said that the voters are tired of being ignored by the established political parties and leaders. This mandate shows that the younger generation is now taking matters into their own hands. He said that I will work as a bridge between the youth of the country and the Parliament.

Lamichhane’s NIP commented on the issues of inflation and corruption in its election campaign.  Young politician Lamichhane is always in the news. His car was vandalized on 13 November 2022 during the election campaign.  Lamichhane’s party supports recall elections and the right to rejection and is committed to implementing these rights in Nepal. 

In the politics of Nepal, we can see a struggle between the youth and the elderly. The current Prime Minister of Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba is 76 years old. He has been Prime Minister five times. This time also he has won. While leaders of two other major parties Pushpa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda and KP Sharma Oli are also above 65 years. Both of them have been prime minister twice. 

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