Firing in New York: Fierce shooting in New York, USA, so far 10 people have died, FBI starts investigation

Shooting from New York City, USA (Firing in New York) incident has come to the fore. Several people were shot at a supermarket in Buffalo here on Saturday afternoon. So far ten people have been reported dead. Earlier, the death toll was stated to be eight. After which the investigation of the case has been started. Police said the gunman has been taken into custody. Top Friendly Market (New York Buffalo ShootingDetails about the number and condition of those killed in the shooting were not immediately available. Governor Cathy Hochul tweeted that she was in contact with officials about the incident at a grocery store in her hometown of Buffalo. Huh.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has started investigating the matter. Law enforcement officials said the investigation was being conducted keeping in mind the hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. Just a day before this, it was reported that after a Bucks game in Milwaukee, USA, three people were shot near the Deer district, injuring them. This information was given by the officials. The Milwaukee Fire Department said all three injured were taken to hospital. According to doctors, the condition of all three is out of danger. Police said a 29-year-old man has been taken into custody.

Six to eight shots fired in Milwaukee

Witnesses told WTMJ-TV that they saw a fight outside a bar after a basketball game. Bill Reinman, an employee posted at a parking lot adjacent to Deere District, said he heard gunshots but did not see anyone shooting or shooting someone. He told that it seemed that six to eight bullets were fired. He told that after the firing, a large number of people went towards Deer district.

Reinmann, who worked here for the last 18 years, stayed at his place. ‘I have been sitting here in my chair,’ he said. Police are investigating what caused the shooting. While a sports spokesman, Barry Baum, said that the incident took place outside the Deer district area. Incidents of shooting have become very common in America. Every day there is firing from the road to the party.